Company Profile

CDE Consulting is a privately held, independent consulting cialis 10mg company registered as Commerce, Development and Environment Pvt Ltd in 2001 (Registration Number: C-262/2001) with the Registrar of Companies, under the Companies Act (10/96) of the Government of the Maldives. We have more than twelve years of experience in providing advice and research to clients in a full spectrum of fields from environment, economy, society, information, innovation, and competitiveness.

CDE Consulting has a strong foundation to provide consultancy through a highly qualified and experienced team of development specialists.

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In all our practices we adhere to principles of international best practices; highest standards of quality; rigorous analysis; speed and timely delivery; collaborative working; and independence of thought. We collaborate with international development agencies, donor organizations, government agencies, banks, financial institutions and other consulting groups in delivering uniquely tailored pragmatic solutions, high quality services and lasting value.

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