Ongoing Projects

The following is a list of projects we are currently undertaking. For a list of completed projects, please click here.

Project nameYear
Initial assessment N. Raafushi2015
Initial assessment in R. Maanefushi2015
Sun island Desalination plant registration2015
AA. Mirihi desalination plant registration2015
Th. Madifushi Swerage EIA2015
Th. Buruni Sewerage EIA2015
Shangri-la beach replenishment EIA2015
EIA for Habour Construction - Sh. Kanditheemu2015
Irufushi desalination plant registration2015
R. Maamiligi desalination plant registration2015
MVS June 20142015
Lh. Fushifaru Consultancy for Costal Protection Works2015
Velaa Private Island Coral Reef Rejuvenation Project2015
K. Olhahali- Island Assessment for Costal Protection Works and preparation of Costal Design and Engineering Drawings2015
Island Survey and Site suitability analsysis- R. Fasmendhoo2015
EIA- Thubafushi Extention2015
EIA- Shangri-La coral gardening2015
EIA- Borehole Construction in N. Randheli2015
Land survey- M. Madifushi2015
Addu GIS Project2015
Land Registration Survey - Lh. Fushifaru2015
M&E Toolkit - FPA2015
EIA- Lh. Fushifaru Resort Development2015
Demarcation Survey between K. Kudahuraa and Dhonveli2015
EIA for the proposed agricultural development project at Sh. Madidhoo2015
N. Thanburudhuffushi Reef entrance EIA2015
Site Suitability Study of Lagoon in Male' Atoll2015
Stakeholder Survey in Laamu Atoll on LECRED including and DRM and Preparation of a CSES2015
Shangri-La Monitoring2015
Preparation of Disaster Management Plan for a Tourist Vessel2015
EIA for the Proposed Borehole Testing Project2015
Taj Exotica Coral Reef Reclamation and Shore Protection Designs2015
Land Registration Survey of R.Faarufushi2015
Gasfinolhu desalination plant registration2015
EIA- N. Maafaru airport2015
EIA- Underwater restaurant in Lh. Huruvalhi2015
Environmental Guidance - R. Dhigali2015
EIA- Sewerage Network in R.Madduvaree2015
Coral Reef Rejuvenation Project- Velaa Private Island2015
EIA- K. Olhuvehi Sheet Piling2015
N. Dhigurah Addendum (Part of N. Dhigurah Resort Development EIA)2015
EIA- Lh. Madduvari Farm Development2015
Kudarah Desalination Plant Registration2015
Consultancy services to redesign Kurumba island resort2015
Velaa Private Island monitoring2015
Shangri-La 5 year monitoring report2015
EIA - N. Raafushi2015
EIA -Resort Development in R. Aarah2015
Baselin Survey of Disaster Risk Reduction2015
Land use Plan- Seenu Atoll2015
K. Nakachchaa Huraa- EIA for proposed reclamation, channel dredging and coastal protection works2015
Baseline Surveys for B. Miriyandhoo Resort Development Project (Full Package)2015
EIA for 11 Slabs Building in Male' at M. Bolissafaru2015
GDH Faresmaathodaa Maintenance Dredging EIA2015
ADK 10 Storey Building EIA2015
Local Consultancy for the proposed MaleÕ Ð Hulhule Bridge Project EIA2015
EIA for the Proposed Resort Development Project in K.Madivaru2015
EIA for the proposed Coconut Plant Relocation Project in Baa Atoll2015
Assessing Coastal Vulnerability and Developing Adaptation Options for Local Communities in North Ari atoll2015
EIA- Resort Development in M. Madifushi2015
K Madivaru Island Reclamation and Shore Protection Design2015
EIA - Nasandhura Palace Hotel2015
Environmental Services the Development of a Lagoon Located in South MaleÕ Atoll2015
EIA for Gulhifalhu wave flats2015
EIA - Veligandu Reclamation Project2015
EIA - Olhuveli island reclamation and shore protection works2015
Consultancy service to K,Olhuveli reef reclamation and shore protection design2015
Dh, ALuvifushi Resort development projects Baseline survey2015
GA Maanagala Resort Development Project Baseline Survey2015
Ga. Maanagala Resort Development EIA2015
MVS Feb 20152015
EIA- N. Minaavaru Agricultural Project2015
Kandooma Holiday Inn Monitoring2015
Consultancy services to undertake Veligandu Island Reclamation and Shore Protection Design2015
Herethere Monitoring2015
Vilamendhoo monitoring2015
Env. Monitoring of Gulhifalhu (1st Q 2015)2015